Standard Chartered Nigeria – Financial Markets Internship

Role Summary

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We offer an 8-12 week internship programme from June to September. You will have the opportunity to experience life within Financial Markets , working on real projects on the trading floor, conducting research and adding value to the team. Our internship programme is open to students in their penultimate year of a bachelor or masters’ degree. Second year students may also apply. Upon completion of the internship you’ll walk away with valuable experience and penultimate year students may have the possibility of being fast tracked to securing a graduate position with us.

Closing Date: 1 May 2013

Country: Nigeria

Business Function: Wholesale Banking

Business Area: Financial Markets

Programme: Internship

Programme Commencing:June 2013


3 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Nigeria – Financial Markets Internship

  1. Sir/ma, Goodmorning please i wish to declare my interest on the internship experience. My name is Nwanguma Festus Osinachi a graduate of Banking and finance from Federal Polytechnic Oko, in Anambra State.Thanks so much sir/ma, as i look forward hearing from you


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