CiteWire Technology/Business Analyst Internship in Nigeria

CiteWire is a New Brand of Technology and Business Analysis. Harnessing Collective Intelligence using social tools involving Crowd-Sourcing, Collaboration and an emphasis on Community . The site enables individuals from around the world to share insights revolving around technology and the applications of technology for making the World a better place. CiteWire Internship

CiteWire is searching for extremely talented and focussed individuals with high analytical abilities for roles within our Technology and Business Analysis Units.

Successful applicants would have:

  • Excellent writing skills,
  • Knowledge of IT and Business,
  • An independent drive, and the understanding that their work is their reputation.
  • Ability to review a lot of materials.
  • Ability to hit the ground running and work with little or no supervision.
  • Strong Team Player with great interpersonal skills.

To apply send your CV or portfolio (writing samples) to



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