The Enterprise Creative Internship Scheme  (ECIS) is an industry-centred and employer-endorsed, standardized internship programme to prepare young people for work in the media and entertainment sector.

The Enterprise Creative Internship Scheme is a competitive, paid internship designed with the needs of the employers as well as the interns in mind.


  • Provide quality, paid experience in technical and specialist skills in areas where employers have identified current and future need.
  • Introduce interns to the breadth of the creative industries and the numbers of potential occupations.
  • E.g. within Music category alone, jobs can include performers; programmers; music director; assistant stage manager; production assistants; studio engineer; wardrobe/stylist; licensing/contracts; artist management; artists & repertoire; booking agents; publicity & promotions; publishing; marketing and communications; sound engineering, among other career pathways.

The ECIS will kick off in July, 2013.

For more information about becoming a registered ECIS Employer – send an email to info@enterprisecreative.org.

For more information about applying to the Enterprise Creative Internship Scheme –  register HERE.

Source: http://www.enterprisecreative.org/index.php/component/content/article?id=5



  1. dear sir/madam
    i am a student of Meru university in the field of study of business information Technology (BBIT) i would like to kindly esquire for an industrial attachment opportunity in your organization. i promise to abide by the set rules and be disciplined. your faithful
    Mutethia James
    thank you


  2. greetings, i just completed my first year of National innovative diploma in music technology and i am supposed to do a three month internship but i have spent one month searching for a place all to no avail, i have only two months left. please i need your help.


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